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    Watch D.OG.S., click the image on the left to register as a volunteer at Midvalley.  For more information about becoming a Watch D.O.G. Dad, please call the school at 801-826-8800.

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    We would love to have you volunteer at Midvalley!  Click the picture to the left to to get your name added to our list.

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Career Day-Volunteers Needed

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We are looking for parents and/or grandparents to talk with the students about their career and show them some of the "tools" they use in their career. These tools can include anything used on the job that you would like to show the kids--they're curious about everything.

Career Day, Friday January 25, 2019 8:25 am-10:00 am

Please see the attachment for more information. Career Day PARENT LETTER 2018-19.docx

SCC Agenda-Meeting Next Week

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Meeting Date Thursday, January 10, 2019

Time of Meeting 3:30 pm

Meeting came to order at ____________________

Council Members present

School Representatives

Tamra Baker - Principal

Vicki Houmand - Kindergarten Teacher

Parent Representatives

Becca Staker

Brittany Halterman

Stephanie Williams

Elizabeth Williams

Kara Shea


Approve minutes from last meeting


Board of Education dress code policy revision


Current year plan budget - Is it on track?


Plan for next year - what will our focus be for Land Trust expenditures?


Professional development expenditures needed to support next year’s goals


SNAP plan


New Building updates


Upcoming school events


Other discussions

Next meeting Thursday, February 21, 3:30

Let's Stay Healthy-Miss Less Than 8

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What Do Schools Do to Prevent the Spread of Disease?

Canyons District has about 5.8 million square feet of space to keep cleaned, which is accomplished each day with special attention paid to touchpoints, or highly-trafficked areas with which students come into direct contact, such as door knobs, computer keyboards, and drinking fountains. Deep-cleaning to combat specific illnesses entails using specialized chemicals and tools, such as electrostatic sprayers, which can cover an entire area with a bug-fighting coating of disinfectant. Parents can help by reminding children of the importance of good personal hygiene. The best way to stop the spread of disease is to thoroughly wash hands after using the restroom and before preparing or eating meals. Let's stay healthy at Midvalley this winter.