Bell Schedule

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bell schedule

Regular School Day (Monday-Thursday)

 Students should be in their seats ready to learn at 8:30 am First bell rings at 8:20 am for students to get into line. All grades line up in the back of the school, except for Kindergarten, which lines up in the K playground.

 Grade Pick up Bell     Tardy Bell     Dismissal Bell    
 1st-5th     8:25  8:30  3:00
 AM-K  8:25  8:30  11:05
 PM-K  12:20  12:25  3:00


Every Friday school is in session is a short day. On weeks when students do not attend on Friday, there will be no short day, except the two weeks of Parent/Teacher Conferences. On those weeks, Thursday will be an early out day.

 Grade Lined Up Bell     Tardy Bell     Dismissal Bell    
 1st-5th     8:25  8:30  1:20
 AM-K  8:25  8:30  10:25
 PM-K  11:20  11:25  1:20

Please have your student lined up and ready to enter the building by the line-up bell. Kindergarten lines up outside the Kindergarten doors, where they are supervised. All other grades line up in the back of the school for safety, where they are supervised.