Bell Schedule

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bell schedule

Regular School Day (Monday-Thursday)

 Grade 1st Bell     Tardy Bell     Dismissal Bell    
 1st-5th     8:25  8:30  3:00
 AM-K  8:25  8:30  11:05
 PM-K  12:20  12:25  3:00


Every Friday school is in session is a short day. On weeks when students do not attend on Friday, there will be no short day.

 Grade 1st Bell     Tardy Bell     Dismissal Bell    
 1st-5th     8:25  8:30  1:20
 AM-K  8:25  8:30  10:25
 PM-K  11:20  11:25  1:20

Please have your student lined up and ready to enter the building by the 1st bell. Kindergarten lines up outside the Kindergarten doors, where they are supervised. All other grades line up in the back of the school for safety, where they are supervised.