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Midvalley SCC September 2018 Meeting Minutes.docxSeptember 

Midvalley MTSS Chart 18-19.docxSCC Agenda October 2018.docxMidvDibels for Land Trust Accountability.xlsxalley SCC October 2018 Meeting Minutes.docx October

SCC Agenda Nov 2018.docxNovember Midvalley_SCC_October_2018_Meeting__Minutes (2).docx

2017-18SCC Agenda October 2017.docxSCC Agenda October 2017.docx

SCC Agenda October 2017.docx

  SCC Minutes 10-24-17
SCC Agenda 11-14-17  Midvalley CC Minutes March 2018.docx
 SCC Agenda January 2018.pdf Midvalley CC Minutes February 2018.docx 
SCC Agenda April 2018.docx   Midvalley CC Minutes January 2018.docx

SCC Agenda March 2018 .docx 

SCC Agenda February 2018 (1).docx

 Midvalley CC Minutes April 2018.docx


SCC Agenda 10-18-16 SCC Minutes 10-18-16
SCC Agenda 11-15-16 SCC Minutes 11-15-16
January meeting was cancelled.
SCC Agenda 2-28-17  SCC Minutes 2-28-17
SCC Agenda 3-21-17 SCC_Minutes_3-21-17
April meeting was moved to May 3rd.
SCC Agenda 5-3-17  



SCC Agenda 10-22-15 SCC Minutes 10-22-15
SCC Agenda 1-14-16 SCC Minutes 1-14-16
SCC Agenda 2-25-16 SCC_Minutes_02-25-16



SCC Agenda 9-23-14 SCC Minutes 9-23-14
SCC Agenda 10-13-14 SCC Minutes 10-13-14
 SCC Agenda 11-17-14 SCC Minutes 11-17-14



 SCC Agenda 9-10-13  SCC Minutes 9-10-13
SCC Agenda 10-22-13  SCC Minutes 10-22-13
SCC Agenda 1-28-14 SCC Minutes 1-28-14
SCC Agenda 3-25-14 SCC Minutes 3-25-14