School Community Council General Information

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By law, each school in Utah elects a school community council (SCC) consisting of parents, teachers, and the principal that make decisions about the School LAND Trust Program. LAND stands for Learning And Nurturing Development.  Your council or committee prepares a plan that identifies the school's greatest academic need(s). Plans are submitted to Canyons School District and the State of Utah. The plans are approved by local school boards for implementation the following school year. Our community council then receives an annual dividend from the permanent State School Fund every July to implement Midvalley's approved plan during the next school year.  For the 2016-17school year, Midvalley received $38,000 to improve learning opportunities for our students.

Studies have clearly shown that parental involvement is very important to student academic progress and achievement. Parents act as the primary advocates for their children's academic excellence. By working on the council or committee, parents ensure the representation of various viewpoints and values from within the school community. Parents make up the majority of school community council members and trust land committees, and are often the driving force. A parent serves as either chair or vice-chair. It is important that parents on the council understand the responsibilities of the council, and are able to collaborate well with the other members of the council to bring about meaningful school improvement for all the children at the school.

We would love for you to get involved. Midvalley elects a portion of our community council each spring. Don't let the word "election" scare you. To this point, this has not involved campaigning with posters or speeches.  All you really need is a willingness to serve. Stop by the office if you want to learn more or to express your interest in serving on the community council.  You may also contact any of the parents currently serving on the SCC.  You can find thier contact information HERE.

For more information about Land Trust, you may visit the School Land Trust website: