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While we would normally throw confetti and invite our special teacher’s family to an assembly, we would like to formally announce:

Our Midvalley Teacher of the Year is: Jonnie Morgart, Fourth Grade Teacher!

Ms. Morgart is a third-year teacher who is working on her Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning at the University of Utah. As the colleague who nominated her noted, “She is always trying cutting edge technology and strategies in her class. After all professional development, she will immediately implement the new program.” Ms. Morgart is not only a master teacher in the classroom, but other teachers in the school use her as a mentor and ask to observe her teaching. She collaborates and shares her various teaching methods with many, including sharing videos of her teaching in our Midvalley Google archive.

Jonnie’s lessons are interesting and engaging. She integrates technology in almost every lesson and uniquely meets the needs of every learner. Her calm, happy classroom creates a positive and inclusive climate. Her students love her, and they thrive academically and socially, even students with heavy trauma. While Jonnie uses data continuously herself, so do the students in her class, and by doing so, the students know that they know!

A basket of fabulousness from the Canyons Foundation is on its way to her and will await her at theschool…some day! We will honor her properly at our soonest chance.

Congratulations, Ms. Morgart!

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