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Walking Students

If your family walks to school, and we encourage families to do so wherever possible, Please note that the playground will still have some construction in process in the back when school starts. However, the sidewalk has been poured. You can enter either side from the east or west of the playground from the neighborhood. Please walk around to the back doors of the school. Students will not enter the front doors of the school.

  • Grades second through fifth will enter the building through the north doors.
  • First grade will enter through the west doors.
  • Kindergarten and preschool will enter in the kindergarten playground through their doors.

Students that walk will be walked out of the building together by grade by a grade level teacher 5 minutes before the bell rings at 2:55 pm. All students should know where to gather with their family or walking friends and they should IMMEDIATELY start walking home. We must avoid congestion. If you are picking students up, please establish a collecting place well away from the building and immediately leave the campus upon finding the students. Students will not be able to congregate and visit with friends after school or play on the playground equipment, even if they are supervised by a parent, as per COVID guidelines and our safety plan. Please help us enforce this. All students and parents must wear face coverings on school grounds.

It is our hope that walking students will be well on their way BEFORE the students being picked up are brought down for pick up at 3:00 pm. This gives them a five minute head start to clear the area. Please identify if your students will be walking south of the school on the enclosed card or north of the school. South walking students will be released out the front doors. North walking students will be released out the back doors.

Pick up students

Students being picked up will be escorted by a grade level teacher at 3:00 pm. Please be alert in the pick up lane. We have a very long area for pick up and we will ask the students to quickly gather with their carpool. As soon as the students are in the car at the end of the day please pull in the pull through lane and exit so the other cars can move up. We want to be able to have all students off campus by 3:10 pm. Please be on time. As the teachers are bringing the students down to the pick up, they will not be able to dawdle along the way. Late parents will find their students in the office. This stresses students when their parents are late. Please help us help the children by being on time.

NEW: Students who need to be checked out of the office for afternoon appointments must do so before 2:30 pm. This avoids congestion in the front door area as we release students to walk home south and take students to the bus lane for preschool pick up and day care pick up. If you call or ask to check out after this, we will ask you to wait until 3:10 pm.

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