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Breakfast Schedule

Breakfast is served each morning from 8:15 AM – 8:25 AM.   

We will be eating breakfast in the classroom in the morning. As students arrive, they will be going directly to their classrooms where they will sanitize their hands and enjoy breakfast and their Morning Meeting.

Daily Schedule: All Day Kindergarten – 5th grade 

8:15 am          Breakfast Starts in Classroom

8:20 am          Pick up Bell

8:25 am          Tardy Bell

3:00 pm          Dismissal Bell

1:20 pm          Every Friday Early Dismissal

Daily Schedule: AM Kindergarten

8:15 am          Breakfast Starts in Classroom

8:20 am          Pick up Bell

8:25 am          Tardy Bell

11:05 am        Dismissal Bell

10:25 pm        Every Friday Early Dismissal

Lunch Schedule 

11:15          5th Grade

11:30          1st Grade

11:50          3rd Grade

12:00          Kindergarten

12:10          4th Grade

12:30          2nd Grade

Lunch will be served in the cafeteria. Students will be given a bathroom break before lunch this year. We have the cutest cafeteria tables we ordered last winter for the new school. They can be made into benches, so they are a non-traditional looking cafeteria table. They flip to make a table and usually seat four students. We will have two students to a table, so every student will have a buddy, one at each end for physical distancing. The tables will all face the large glass wall to the playground. It will look like a little café! We think the kids will love it. The tables will be numbered and color coded. The color code will also assign the students in small groups for recess rotations to keep the together outside.

If a child chooses to not participate in the free lunch for all program this year and brings a lunch, all lunch items must be disposable. Lunch boxes will not be allowed this year due to sanitizing concerns, so all items will be thrown away in the cafeteria. Leftovers will not be allowed to be taken back to class. Please do not send large bags of “snacks” to be eaten at with their lunch, as these are not necessary and encourage “sharing”, which is not allowed.

Please note: Parents will not be able to eat with students in the cafeteria or their rooms this year, as per our safety reopening plan.

All Students also receive a healthy, fresh fruit/vegetable snack break twice a week in the morning.

Recess Schedule 

10:00 & 1:50          Kindergarten

1:30                         1st Grade

10:30                       2nd Grade

10:00                       3rd Grade

11:00                       4th Grade

1:45                         5th Grade

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