217 East 7800 S., Midvale, UT 84047

Safe Walking Routes

Every year, the School Community Council looks at the neighborhoods surrounding a school and establishes the recommended routes for students to walk to school. The map shows the best way for students to access the school and crossing guards provided by our surrounding cities.

Students south of Fort Union Blvd will use south bound roads to Greenwood and walk onto the playground. Students south of 7800 South will funnel up Bryce Drive to 8000 South to 450 South then to 7800 South to cross at designated crosswalks. Other neighborhoods south of 7800 South will proceed directly to 7800 South, walk to the crosswalks, and cross to the north side to enter the school. No students should walk on State Street. This is not considered a safe walking route.

Following the suggested routes are considered our safe walking routes and approved by the city engineers of Midvale and Sandy cities.

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