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Halloween at Midvalley

  • Midvalley Halloween Parade–Friday, October 29th at 8:45
    • Midvalley is excited to have a Halloween Parade.  We are hopeful that the weather cooperates and caregivers can join us for the parade on our playground.  We plan to start the parade in our school and walk around the playground.  If our weather is too wet and/or cold, we will keep the parade inside and take lots of pictures as the parade will be canceled for caregivers.
    • Jr. Huskies are not required to participate in Halloween activities.  If you do not want your child to participate, let your teacher know so we can provide them with an alternative space/activity.  Our goal is to respect all of our caregiver’s preferences and needs during holiday activities.
      • Below is a look at the schedule: 
        • 8:00 – 8:20 Students arrive on campus in costumes and go to classrooms
        • 8:45 Parade Starts – The parade will start inside, go through the building, and exit through the cafeteria doors.   Plan on us making it outside around 9:15.  We will have cones set up to mark our route.
        • Teachers will have their Halloween Parties throughout the day.  Reach out to your teachers if you want to be involved.  
    • Please remember the following… 
      • No masks or weapons allowed (this is for the children and adults) 
      • Children will go outside for recess so either send your child in a recess friendly costume or have them bring a change of clothes for after the parade
      • Check in the office if you are volunteering in your child’s classroom
      • Do not send food/treats to the classroom unless you have notified the teacher as we do have students with health needs—non-food items are preferred.
      • Parking is limited so plan accordingly
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