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Midvalley Virtual Holiday Program

Dear Parents,

As a holiday surprise and gift to you, our music teacher and students have prepared a holiday virtual assembly. The students will see this assembly today in class. We have been working on this surprise for several weeks in music class. We would like to thank our Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Teacher, Mrs. Terri Culberson for her effort, talent and vision to make this happen.

Midvalley presents, The Nutcracker. It can be shared with grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends! Students without media releases were not filmed, but participated by learning and enjoying the dances in class.)

We hope you feel the joy and fun we are having at school this week, as we get ready for the holiday season. 

Very best wishes for a happy holiday. We will see you January 4th in the New Year.

Tamra Baker, Principal

December Holidays in First Grade

This week, our Midvalley first graders are learning about December holidays from around the world. All classes are learning about Spanish holiday traditions from Maestra Bonilla as well as Diwali (festival of lights), Hanukkah, and celebrations in Germany. The students love participating through Nearpods on their iPad and joining in on some of the traditions that they learned about.

White Ribbon Week

This week at Midvalley we celebrated White Ribbon Week.  Students learned important skills to stay safe and kind while using technology, social media and the internet.

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