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December Holidays in First Grade

This week, our Midvalley first graders are learning about December holidays from around the world. All classes are learning about Spanish holiday traditions from Maestra Bonilla as well as Diwali (festival of lights), Hanukkah, and celebrations in Germany. The students love participating through Nearpods on their iPad and joining in on some of the traditions that they learned about.

White Ribbon Week

This week at Midvalley we celebrated White Ribbon Week.  Students learned important skills to stay safe and kind while using technology, social media and the internet.

Important Trimester Changes

Important End of Trimester Update for Midvalley

  • Communication for student class assignment changes-if needed
  • Report Card Information for First Trimester
  • Upcoming calendar information


The window for changing elementary Learning Choices is now closed. The choices parents made during the Learning Choice window are now guiding the complicated process of shifting teaching assignments, assigning students to classes, and allocating classroom resources at our school. As the District communication has indicated, this process is somewhat like beginning the year over for some students. We will be ready to support them and take care of their needs.

We have been working the last week to build new classes and do as little disruption as possible for the children. In all grades but fourth grade, we have only added students to classes. By doing so, we are still able to maintain manageable class sizes with safe distancing and follow our safety plan.

For fourth grade, to ameliorate the large class sizes, the District has allowed us to have Ms. Jonnie Morgart return to the classroom in person from online instruction. The District will be reassigning another teacher from a different school for our online fourth grade students, so we will be keeping a supportive eye on their transition, as we know they will miss Ms. Morgart’s warm and effective teaching style. Having Ms. Morgart return has helped us greatly reduce the class size and redistribute the students into three classes. Students who had her in her online class and are returning in person have been automatically added to her in person class. We have also added other students from the other two classes to balance the three classes. We will support the students and build community in the classroom in the transition. We are fortunate to have three excellent teachers in fourth grade who are prepared to take care of the students’ emotional and educational needs. Please see below for the timeline for teacher assignment notification. Hopefully, you can see we have kept the children at the center of this process.

These changes will take effect with the start of the second term on Monday, Nov. 23 and carry through to the end of the term on March 5 when families will be given another chance to choose the learning mode that fits their educational needs and health considerations. As per the District, midterm changes will NOT be considered. 


  1. The school will be mailing letters home to families on MONDAY, November 16, IF a student attending IN PERSON will have a change of TEACHER who is already attending in person (fourth grade).
  2. Students returning from online or parent directed to in person will also receive a letter with instructions about his or her first day at school, teacher assignment, and Midvalley information. This letter will be mailed Monday, November 16.
  3. The District will be informing families if a student will have a change of teacher if they are online by Wednesday, November 18. Not all students will have a change.
  4. If your student is remaining in the SAME class in person, you will NOT receive a letter. Only fourth graders who are currently in person MAY be moving to another class. All other in person students from first trimester will have the same teacher for second trimester.
  5. After Saturday, November 21, you can see your student’s class assignment on Skyward Student when the classes are re-established on Skyward for the second trimester.

Please feel free to call our office if you have questions about the process or if you do not receive your letter in fourth grade by Thursday. (801-826-8800), or email me at


The trimester ends this Friday, November 20. All late assignments must be completed, either in person or online by Thursday, November 19. Report cards will be mailed to parents on November 23 by the District Office.


November 20  End of Trimester

November 23  Report cards mailed

                        First day of new trimester

November 25-28 Thanksgiving Recess (No school)

December 7-10 White Ribbon Week (Digital Safety Week-Look for fun activities from the PTA)

December 21-January 1-Winter Break (No school)

We are so happy to have so many more students coming back in person. We have missed you! We also wish the very best to our online and parent directed families. Please let us know if there is something else we can do for you in this transitory week. 

Warmest regards,

Tamra Baker, Principal

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