• back-to-schoolWhen Does the New School Year Begin?

    1st-5th graders start on August 20th.

    Kindergarten students start August 25th.

  • welcome to kindergartenLook Who's Starting Kindergarten!   
       Do you have a child entering kindergarten next year?  If you have a child born on or before September 1st 2009, he or she needs to register for kindergarten.  Please let the school know that you have a new kindergartener that will be joining us at the end of summer.

  • school bell

    Midvalley has a new schedule starting in the

    2014-15 school year!

    1st-5th Grades 8:30-3:00 Monday-Friday

     AM Kindergarten 8:30-11:25 Monday-Friday

    PM Kindergarten 12:05-3:00 Monday-Friday

CSD Adopts a New Elementary School Schedule

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double-sided-school-clocks-1Starting this fall, all elementary schools in Canyons District will adopt a new schedule that is designed to help each individual child achieve academic success. The new schedule establishes consistent daily instructional time five days per week and redistributes time in the regular workday for teachers to plan individually and in teams so that they can give special attention to each child's achievement. While the new elementary schedule calls for full days (6 hours and 30 minutes) of instruction Monday through Friday, it doesn’t do away with early-out Fridays altogether.  Seven early-out Fridays have been planned to give teachers time for professional development. Those early-out days will be Sept. 26, Oct. 24, Dec. 5, Jan. 30, Feb. 20, March 27, and April 24.

Avoiding Summer Learning Loss

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summer Here are some tips from Dr. Ruth A.Peters from an article she wrote for Parenting & Family Magazine, June 25, 2013.    First, note these important facts:
- ­All students  experience  learning  losses  when  they  do  not  engage  in  educational  activities during  the  summer.
-­  On  average,  students  lose  approximately  2.6  months  of  grade  level  equivalency  in mathematical  computation  skills  during  the  summer  months.
-­ Low-­income  children  and  youth  experience  greater  summer  learning  losses  than  their  higher income  peers.
- Studies  show  that  out-­of-­school  time  is  a  dangerous  time  for  unsupervised  children  and  youth.

-  Research  shows  that  teachers  typically  spend  between  4-­6  weeks  re-­teaching  material that  students  have  forgotten  over  the  summer.

Midvalley on the Rise!

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Happy-Kids   We are extremely proud of the progress our school has made over the last three years.  Teachers have worked very hard to adapt to our changing community and the individual needs of every student at Midvalley.  When we examined the trends at Midvalley over the last 6 years, we knew that changes needed to be made.  Of course, change is never easy.  We have had great support from the district as we have implemented a new core curriculum in Math and Language Arts.  Along with the new curriculum, we have adopted Pearson's Envision Math and Reading Street.  The implementation of these two new programs has helped us focus our efforts and standardize the delivery of a common scope and sequence in these two essential subjects.  We have also refined teaching skills by focusing on evidence-based instructional practices.  All teachers have worked to increase the amount of time-on-task, student engagement, student opportunities to respond and positive as well as constructive feedback.  Explicit instruction in Reading, Math and Science is helping us make gains we have not seen in years.